TTSolutions Audit Promotion:

No matter what size business you operate, there are some key questions you need to answer about your IT systems.  Our audit program is designed to thoroughly review your network and computers. We then provide recommendations to strengthen and enhance your systems. For a limited time we are offering a full system checkup for no fee at all to small businesses.

  • Are you deploying the right tools to conduct business
  • Do you know how safe your network is? How can you tell if someone is intruding or spying on your network?
  • Are your systems hardened against damaging threats from viruses, spyware and other malware attacks?
  • Can your business survive a major interruption or a loss of data? How well is your data backup system set up?
  • Is your customer data and other critical information safe?
  • Can your business run if your server or PC goes down?

A $500 value

Whether you run a doctor’s office with 5 computers, an advertising agency with 15 computers or 25 person accounting firm, you will benefit from our systems audit. Occasional system audits are vital to evaluate and establish that your systems and operating procedures are what you intend them to be, and that there are no gaps in security and risks to your business continuity. Our system audit programs start at $500 and can go up to many times more depending on the complexity of your operation. Take advantage of this offer to review your IT systems.

With the free audit, our certified technicians will examine 10 most critical areas of your network including: Security, backup, disaster recovery, anti-virus and remote access.

Once the audit has been completed we will present our findings and provide you with recommendations to address the areas of your system that requires immediate attention.  We will also provide you solutions to reinforce your systems to meet your business needs.

Our customers enjoy working with us because we provide excellent service with unsurpassed expertise. We are confident you will be glad you called us.  Sign up today for the free audit!

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