Email Archiving Solutions

If archiving emails is a problem or desired, MailStore is one of the world’s leading solutions.

MailStore is designed to operate in multiple ways. The greatest feature of our archiving system is the flexibility. Using profiles a user can set up journaling for specific users and mailbox archiving for other users. Archiving can be done in a manual or automatic form. Access to the archived data is available in multiple methods.

Journaling captures every inbound and outbound email. We find this mostly used in companies where archiving is so necessary it’s part of their policy.

The journaling method does not retain subfolder structures. When users delete email from their inbox or sent items, it does not remove those items from the archive. Archived email can only be manipulated from the archive system interface, if given the proper permissions.

The second method is known as mailbox archiving. This method has several more flexibilities. Profiles can be set up for individual mailboxes, each having their own specific settings on how that mailbox is to be archived. A profile can also be set up for multiple mailboxes archiving all specified mailboxes using the same settings.

Mailbox archiving can be set up in either manual or automatic run mode. Manual mode is designed to allow the user to manage the email they want to have archived. Using an add-on within Outlook, they can drag and drop between their mailbox and their archive folder, maintaining identical folder structures. Automatic mode automates the process on a timed schedule so the user doesn't have to drag and drop to the archive. Users can remove email from the archive as well.

Other settings have the ability to archive email from the user’s mailbox after it has reached a specified age. Users can also specify specific folders to archive, excluding all others. For example, only the Inbox can be archived and all others excluded. Or all folders except a specific folder can be archived.

If you use public folders on your exchange system, these can be archived as well using the same principles as the mailbox archiving.

There are multiple ways to access the archive system.

If a user runs Outlook and has the add-on installed they have direct access to it from their workstation. OWA users can access it using the web interface. This interface provides access to the user’s archived mail, advanced searching, and has an Outlook look and feel. There is also a mobile app that can be used if the archive server is set up to be accessed from the outside.

Email can be restored (exported) at any time from the archive to the mailbox. This is an admin function and exported emails will be restored to an "Exported" folder within the user’s mailbox. The user can then move the mail from that folder to a desired location.

The archiving system can be integrated with Active Directory for easy administration.

All of which is why we think you’ll agree MailStore is one of the world’s leading solutions to archive emails.

Advantages for your Company

  • Legal safeguard for email compliance
  • Extremely fast full-text searching for emails and attachments
  • Total protection against data loss
  • Reduce the workload of mail servers
  • Save up to 70% storage space
  • Simplify backup and restore
  • Independence of cumbersome PST files
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas

Supported Email Systems

  • Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Apps
  • All IMAP or POP3-compatible email servers
  • MDaemon, IceWarp and Kerio Connect
  • PST, EML and other email files
  • Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook

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