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Moving to the Office 365 cloud comes with some key features and benefits. Namely, your organization gets to continue to use the software you’ve been using for years, but you now get to shift the burden onto Microsoft.

In addition to shifting the burden to Microsoft, there are some other key benefits.

Office 365 allows you to generate greater productivity

Productivity is a great word that management-consultant types love to use. In the real world, though, productivity can be summed up in a simple question: Can I do my job easier or not? For instance, whoever thought copy and paste would be such a game changer?

Microsoft has invested heavily and spent a tremendous amount of time trying to make the user and administrator experiences of Office 365 as easy and simple as possible. The idea is that increasing simplicity yields greater productivity. When the technology gets out of the way and you can focus on your job, you become more productive.

Access from anywhere with Office 365

Accessing your enterprise software over the Internet has some big advantages. For one, all you need is your computer — desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone — and an Internet connection or phone coverage. Because the software is running in a Microsoft data center, you simply connect to the Internet to access the software.


Another benefit of accessing centrally located data is that you always have a single source of the truth. If you make a change to a document from your tablet at home and then your colleague views the file from their phone, they will see the most up-to-date document. Gone are the days of e-mailing Excel documents between machines with long file names.

With SharePoint Online (part of the Office 365 package) a single file, say Forecast_Q1_2011.xlsx, lives out in the cloud (meaning in Microsoft’s globally distributed billion dollar data centers). Because the document lives in the cloud, the security permissions can be set up to allow anyone in the organization, regardless of geographic location, to view the document.

Security can be as strict or as lenient as desired

For example, you may want everyone in the organization to be able to see a company policy document but only want a select group of individuals to edit the document. In addition, SharePoint takes care of all the versioning and even lets you check out a document to edit so that nobody else can edit it at the same time.

Consultation_icon.png Need to collaborate on the document in real time? No problem. You can do that by using nothing more than your web browser.



Work with what you know with Office 365

Microsoft does not always come out with the best software. Remember Windows Vista? Shiver! Instead of running far away and never looking back at Windows again, users simply held their collective breath until Windows 7.

One thing Microsoft did incredibly right is recognize that users don’t want to give up the things that make them comfortable. Office 365 hasn’t changed your favorites one bit. The only difference is that now they are seamlessly connected to the enterprise software living out in the cloud. In other words, your favorite applications are cloudified.

Consultation_icon.png Using Single Sign On (SSO) we can sync your current Active Directory with Office 365 so that you can continue to manage your users the same way you do today. SSO will handle adding and removing users from your Office 365 user directory, as well as sync password changes.



Storage limits just became a thing of the past with Office 365.  OneDrive and OneDrive for Business offer unlimited storage—at no additional cost—to Office 365 consumer and business customers.

OneDrive makes sure you always have all your important content on all your devices and enables multiple people to collaborate and co-author a single document at the same time. Gone are the days of not having that document right when you need it or managing multiple versions of the same document. With OneDrive there is always just one source of truth available across all your devices. What’s more, with Office Delve, that important document your co-worker shared with you on their OneDrive actually finds you, versus you having to find it.

This is just one of many reasons why the value of cloud storage really comes to life when it’s integrated with the tools you use to communicate, create and collaborate. That’s why OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are included as part of Office 365—built right in and ready to use.

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