Web Marketing:

TTSolutions Web Marketing Services Include:

    • Search Engine Optimization

    • Pay per Click Campaign Management

    • Web Analytics Implementation

    • Affiliate Marketing Programs

Combining our extensive experience in interactive marketing with deep technical expertise, TTSolutions creates highly effective online marketing programs that increase qualified traffic to your web sites.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing has become a major marketing strategy for millions of businesses and a key source of qualified traffic to company web sites. Internet users conduct over 4 billion searches per day on search engines, many seeking information on products and services.

There are two primary methods of generating traffic from search engines:

   1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy to increase the visibility of your web site on the main or “organic” search results of the major search engines and high-traffic portals including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, AOL and This involves ongoing effort in several areas:

         1. Creating keyword-rich text content that both users and search engines find valuable

         2. Making your web site search engine friendly

         3. Gaining and maintaining inbound links from other relevant, high-quality web sites.

   2. Sponsored Search or “Pay per Click” give advertisers the opportunity to bid for placement of text ads on the major search engines. Advertisers may bid for the individual keywords they select and pay only when a user clicks through to an advertiser’s web site.

The two primary PPC services are Google Ad Words and Yahoo Sponsored Search. The major search engines run ads distributed by one of these two services except for MSN which launched its own ad serving platform, AdCenter, in May 2006.

In a few short years, paid search advertising has emerged as the most popular and fastest growing form of online advertising. It is expected to generate about $14 billion globally in 2006, 41% growth over 2005. About 42% of all online advertising expenditure is on paid search. Pay per Click accounts for 99% of Google’s revenue, $6.1 billion in 2005. Google dominates search traffic with a 40% market share of searches and growing.

(Source: Piper Jaffray, 2006)

Although Pay per Click is a paid advertising service, there are several advantages over SEO:

    - The potential for increasing qualified traffic is generally greater than SEO

    - A campaign can be launched and begin generating qualified traffic with a few hours of preparation

    - Advertisers control their budget, ad copy and targeted distribution

    - Results are highly measurable including precise return on investment by keyword, enabling continuous refinement of your campaign.

By contrast, the primary advantage of SEO is that once an effective program is underway, there is no cost for the incremental traffic gained. Of course, SEO and PPC are complimentary, and many companies with smart online strategies employ both methods of driving qualified traffic to their web site.

Search Engine Optimization

TTSolutions’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service increases qualified traffic to our clients’ web sites by improving the position and visibility of your listings in the main search results of all of the major search engines. TTSolutions provides strategic guidance for the long-term management of an effective SEO program with measurable and positive results.

TTSolutions uses only ethical best practices to help our clients achieve greater visibility by presenting unique, quality content to users, search engines and directories. Our exclusive methodology ensures positive results by addressing three major components: Text, links and traffic.

TTSolutions can implement a full SEO program or provide specific recommendations and guidance to your web developer.


TTS offers an effective, structured program for SEO:

   1. Analysis and Preparation

          - Keyword Analysis and Search Position Report

          - Pay per Click Competitive Bidding Analysis

          - Client Interview: Identify business goals, marketing strategy and requirements

          - Define SEO program goals in context of the overall marketing strategy

          - Final Keyword Implementation Plan with groupings and page assignments

          - Develop SEO text and design elements

          - Project Management, Status Tracking, Project Documentation and Reporting


   2. Development

          - Copy Writing Guidelines and collaboration on new/revised text copy

          - Review and technical analysis of revised text copy

          - Page Titles, Meta-tags and Image Alt-tags

          - Internal Page Links

          - Internal Text Links in Body Text

          - Design requirements including navigation scheme changes and other visible design changes


   3. Implementation and Reporting

          - Incorporation of SEO design elements into web site development

          - External Link Building Campaign – Research and Recommendations for on-going effort

          - Link Building Project Tracking Sheet with initial target recommendations

          - Search Engine and Directory Submission

          - Post-SEO Search Position Update Report (1 month after implementation)


SEO Link Building Strategy

The major search engines consider hundreds of factors when determining the ranking of each web page. These factors include many attributes of the web page itself as well as the quality and relevance of “inbound links” from other web sites. An effective Link Building Strategy is an essential part of a successful SEO program and requires continuous effort over the long term to maintain those inbound links.

The credibility and popularity of web sites linking to yours is more important than the sheer quantity of links. Search engines regularly change their top-secret ranking algorithms, resulting in frequent changes to search rankings.

The main steps to creating an effective Link Building Strategy are:

    - Identify a list of non-competitive target sites

    - Approach the owners of those sites to request a link and offer a reciprocal link on your site

    - Implement links in an optimal format

    - Maintain those links and identify new ones


TTSolutions provides a Link Building Project Worksheet to track your link requests and status. Sites that rank high for their own primary keywords will provide greater benefit since this is an indication of their own popularity and the quality of their external links. Sites whose content is relevant to your target audience are good candidates. For example, a site with cooking recipes may link to an online store for kitchen utensils.

A logo or other image is optional as an addition to a text link. The best possible format is a text link with an adjacent text description containing some of your primary keywords. You may want to consider pages other than your home page as the best, most relevant “landing page” for your inbound link.


The primary factors considered by search engines in evaluating your external, inbound links:

Factor Comments
Link Type Text links are preferable to graphic links
Anchor Text The words within the text links and their relevance
Adjacent Text The words near the text link and their relevance
Page Relevance The content of the text on the web page and its relevance
Page Popularity Determined in part by the quality of its own external links
Credibility The overall relevance and popularity of the web site
Trustworthiness Avoid “link farms” and sites that exist solely to influence search engines. These may become “black listed” and hurt your ranking.

Pay per Click Campaign Management

TTS expertly plans and manages effective Pay per Click campaigns for our clients with an impressive return on investment. TTSolutions consultants are certified as Google AdWords Qualified Professionals. TTSolutions Pay per Click Campaign Management includes the following:


   1. PPC Campaign Setup

          - Identify and review business objectives

          - Review and evaluate client web site

          - Keyword and competitive analysis

          - Keyword selection and budget recommendations

          - Ad copy writing

          - Account Setup on Google Ad Words, Yahoo Sponsored Search and MSN AdCenter

          - Campaign implementation and launch


   2. Active Management

          - Frequent bid adjustments

          - Ongoing campaign review and optimization

          - Ongoing refinement of ad copy and keywords

          - PPC budget management

          - Conversion tracking implementation and ROI analysis

          - Monthly or weekly reporting, analysis and indicated actions


   3. Additional Services

          - Web marketing strategy development

          - Web site design refinement for web marketing and business objectives

          - Cross market with social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

          - Build a social media strategy.

          - Integration with Web Analytics Systems

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